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Future Kings: A new dawn on the moon

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Future Kings introduction

In this phase, the player's mission is to own as much land as possible, mining ETHE for immediate profit. At the same time creating the premise to build a prosperous kingdom in phase 2. There won't be too much gameplay at this stage, but DAppChain is proud to present Future Kings' exclusive feature - Social Platform Battle, a completely new term in the gaming industry
It's like a phase for investors but we have tried to add many new elements to this stage, users will have more things to do such as building a strong clan, attack, defense,...

The beginning of a new era

Future Kings Official Logo
In the year 2022, Through analyzing soil samples brought back by the Apollo 11 spacecraft, DAppChain's scientists have discovered a large amount of ETHE on the moon.
As far as humans' knowledge, ETHE is an extremely valuable and limited resource.
The information is revealed and the race to take over the moon begins.
The very first flights are scheduled to depart on Jan 24th, 2022 by DAppChain. Join us and take the moon for yourself
Be aware that although the bright side of the moon has no owner, the amount of land is limited. Take the moon for yourself and become the mightiest king.
to the Moon
Moon Land will give you a certain amount of ETHE daily


DAppChain always wants to create a game environment suitable for all kinds of players, whether you want to invest in games or just want to play games for fun, you will still get rewards
For a new player who wants to join Future Kings world, it's totally free.
  • Create a new account and automatically get 1 E.P
  • Successfully inviting new players to join Future Kings via GUARANTEE LINK permanently increases your account 90 E.P equivalent to 90 Attack and 135 defense points
  • Join Battle without any fee
  • Withdraw ETHE and get real money without spending any Capital

In conclusion, ETHEKing's 1st phase - Future Kings:

  • Collect Moon Land and accumulate ETHE
  • Collect Moon Land to use in Our 2nd Phase - Clash of ETHEKings, where players will have to rent Moon Land from Future Kings players
  • Create a mighty Clan to survive this journey on the moon
  • Attack others to Capture more ETHE
  • Defense your ETHE from other Clans