ETHEKing Crypto
Create your own kingdom
Build your prosperous and mighty kingdom, become a benevolent king
With enough amount of Moon Lands, you can create your own kingdom to earn more ETHE and MOP

Kingdoms activities

Starting from the beginning of Phase 2 - Clash of ETHEKings: Blood Moon, you can create your own kingdom and earn a lot more income from the taxes on Clash of ETHEKings players who use your lands
You need at least 10 lands to create a kingdom and become a king
In addition to ETHE mining income, you will receive additional EHTE from taxes on Clash Of ETHEKings players
You can set a profit split for your kingdom to make it attractive to tenants, it totally depends on your decision (e.g. you get 90% and players get 10%, or you get 80% and players get 20%)
Players in Clash Of ETHEKings will have the right to choose the kingdom that gives them the most benefits
Attract new players to your kingdom via Twitter, Facebook, Telegramโ€ฆ, guide and train them to create a mighty kingdom
A player who wants to switch kingdoms will have to wait at least 1 month (from the date of joining the current kingdom), and there is a fee to move to another kingdom
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