ETHEKing Crypto

Game Modes

In the first phase, the player's mission is to own as much land as possible, and mine ETHE directly from those lands for immediate profit. At the same time, the player is creating the premise to build a prosperous kingdom in phase 2. Own at least 10 pieces of Land, and players will be able to create a Kingdom for the 2nd phase.
Furthermore, gameplay would be kept to a bare minimum during this phase, as DAppChain intends to introduce a novel gaming feature called Social Platform Battle for the first time in the gaming industry. Social Platform Battle is a feature that takes advantage of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram. With the Social Platform Battle, players can create an "Action Link" and invite others to join the Action via that link. Only social media platforms can be used to share the "Action Link."
Build a mighty kingdom or be left behind on this journey, this is entirely up to the player's community's strength. Whether the player chooses to create their own or join a pre-existing one, the stronger their clan, the more benefit they will get.