ETHEKing Crypto
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ETHE token
Future Kings
Clash of ETHEKings - (COE)
. Completed the Seed Funding round with a total raised capital of 300 000$ . Internal Testing
. Research game and NFTs . Internal Testing
. Initial development of gameplay and NFTs
. Run AirDrop campaign
. Private Sale
. Public sale
. List PanCakeSwap
. Launch the 1st game - Future Kings
. Allow players to unbox to get lands (30% Discount on Unbox fee) . Land acquisition possibility:
66% Land Lv1
22% Land Lv2
11% Land Lv3
1% Land Lv4 . Allow ETHE Mining on lands
. Support to buy ETHEboxes through Ethereum network and Polygon network
. Internal Testing . Launch the Mobile game alpha test version
. Allow ETHE staking
. Allow Opening new kingdoms, and collecting taxes
. Allows upgrading of construction technology
. The more Clash of ETHEKings players join the kingdom, the more king's benefits . Open market to buy, sell and exchange lands . Cross-chain support: Ethereum network and Polygon network…
. Launch Clash Of ETHEKings - beta (free 2 fun)
. Allow ETHE staking
. Clash Of ETHEKings(COE) and Future Kings will be connected and become Free-2-earn. . Players can choose the kingdom for their best interest
. Allow you to migrate to another kingdom for a small fee
. Allows self-upgrade technology to become Play-2-Earn